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The Centre actively participates in EU lifelong learning programmes such as Leonardo da Vinci, Grundvig, Culture 2000 and others. Basic partners on the programmes are local Akrotiri Authorities, and an extended network of partners all around Europe.


Unlocking Hidden Heritage (UHH) program:

This program is about Basketry at Akrotiri village. As in most programmes, the Community participates in it and it is the main body benefited. Basket weaving used to be the main occupation of most residents of the area. During the program, initially an investigation of the situation was undertaken and based on previous data the Centre had, the people who knew and could assist in the collection of data were identified. The first phase comprised of interviews with a view to collecting as much information as possible on the plant species used for basketry, the collection areas, the manner and periods of collection, processing, the items made and the techniques used. Additionally information was collected on basket-makers, their names, what items they make, whether they specialize on something, where their workshop is located and other information. All data collected was cross referenced and confirmed. Field work was the next step. Some of the residents indicated the collection areas and the species they use as well the routes they followed for transporting raw material and finished products to and from the Community. Following the completion of the field work, residents (through organized groups of the village) participated in reconstructions, theatrical plays and events in order to disseminate the knowledge to all members of the Community but also to other interested persons. Local basket-makers also participate in educational programmes which aim at passing on the craft to younger members of the village. They also contribute, almost on a daily basis, to the implementation of education programmes offered to organized school groups from all over Cyprus.


Culture, History and Nature, Together in Contemporary Art (CHANTICA) program:

In the framework of Culture 2000, the Centre, with many other organizations across Europe, participated in the program of CHANTICA. This program, among other benefits, offered a new perspective to the basket making craft. Villagers had a unique opportunity to see how the traditional basketry can be linked to art with some imagination and talent and to realize the potential of their handicraft. It was a chance for them to see another perspective of the craft and how traditional practices can change forms and move one step towards modern times and needs. In addition it was a great chance for the village people and mainly for young people to come in contact with others from different countries and cultures. The multicultural group of people had the opportunity to work together, to cooperate, to share thoughts and experiences and generally to set an innovative way of thinking which creates progressive ideas and promotes the multinational cooperation and culture sharing.